Taresh Naresh Upreti

“Where do you find HOPE?“

I am Taresh Naresh Upreti, studying in Vth Standard (Topaz) at Podar International School, Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

For the campaign “A Children’s Call to Hope,” I am submitting a painting made by me showing waterfalls and nature. I have chosen this painting for submission because I find hope when I am with nature and here the waterfalls are depicting that even though we may fall in life but after every fall we rise up and move steadily similar to the waterfalls which falls from top of a mountain and then flows steadily in the form of river which flows through all the hurdles to reach the ocean one day.

So, here I would like to urge the people and society that even though we were badly stuck by Pandemic, we still need to find the opportunity in calamity and move forward with whatever we are having and never try to disturb the nature.

Artist: Taresh Naresh Upreti

School: Podar International School, Sangli, Maharashtra

Country: India

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