“Where do you find HOPE?“


I always believed in 2 quotes:

“Only in the dark can you see stars.” And

“After every dark night comes dawn.”

There is no such person in the whole world who has never felt hopeless. In the long journey of our lives we travel along a big ocean; rather an unlimited ocean. Our lives are full of tides and waves like mountains.

It is perfectly normal to feel hopeless. This feelings proves that we are humans; humans who rise up after falling down, who try even harder after failing. Even I have felt hopeless and helpless at times. When my planning leads me nowhere and I am back in square one. During those hard times these quotes give me motivations. It shows me the small ray of light at the end of a long tunnel.

When my life goes through some turbulence, I keep calm and look outside the window. When I look outside I get to see trees, flowers, buildings, and people. When I see them, it reminds me that all negativity that is inside can never defeat the positivity outside. And this gives me hope. Looking outside and reminding myself of all the positivity around me gives me hope.

When your life seems stopped. When you feel helpless. The only thing that helps you is hope. Different people have different explanations and findings of hope. Never lose hope. It is the only way for which you can be Successful in life.

Artist: Vedika

Age: 14

School: Podar International School, (CIE), Kalyan (W)

Country: India

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