“Where do you find HOPE?“

A Thread of Hope

Locked up in the house,

I feel nothing but dismay,

How long until we can go out,

Have the bad times come to stay?

Then I peek outside the window

To witness a wonderous sight,

In the pale blue sky I see

White birds taking flight.

I can smell the fragrant lavenders

Waving to me from the garden,

All these things have come

To soften hearts which harden.

I lie on the soft bed of grass

Beneath the trees outside my porch,

Then I venture around in the dark at night

With my fingers around a torch.

I see the tiniest of creatures

Working hard the most,

Moving against all odds

Is the strength they can boast.

The plants flower everyday

And the butterflies relish their sweet nectar,

They cast away all fears

Because nature is their protector.

Acceptance of life and faith in nature

Shows the silver lining of the future.

The undaunted spirit to survive

Breaks the strongest of shackles,

Nature renders my life with hope

And the credence of miracles.

Artist: Srujan

Age: 12

School: Podar International School, (CIE), Kalyan (W)

Country: India

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