Shayla Rose

“Where do you find HOPE?“



Nala the Cat

She is a cute cat

Who likes to be with Shayla

And keeps darkness safe

Every single night

When Nala’s sleeping she’s great

Wonder what she dreams

What does Nala Hope:

Shayla will take care of her

For her whole lifetime


Sheltering in Place

Hard rain came today

It can be very scary

Hope flowers stay safe

Wish things were normal

Hate being home all the time

Let’s go for ice cream!

Don’t like the virus

Don’t like being stuck indoors

But love time with cat.

Maybe you have pets

Who give you Joy,Fun and Hope

But some people don’t

Some folks are Lonely

And we should feel bad for them

Reach out and Smile



Books are wonderful

They are great resources to

Get us Far Away

Bye electronics

They are not good for our health

But the books are fine.

“The Pandemic Series Haikus”

Artist: Shayla Rose

Age: 10

School: Lowell School, Lowell MA

Country: USA

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