Ira Kabade

“Where do you find HOPE?“


A worthless rock


An expensive truck

Anything will do,

Even a shoe !

Smiles began

When imaginations

Ran !


Out to play all day,

Nothing will stand the way,

Rain or shine,

It’s Fine !

Nothing really matters

Even if the window shatters !


Happily exploring

With energy overflowing,

Cheerful, blissful

Everything is simple

Carefree, worry-free

A child can be !

Children calling out for hope, mercy and help!

‘Poverty is not being without money but without hope’

There are 736 million people living below the extreme poverty since 2015. The latest estimates tell us that more than half of the 736 million people living in extreme poverty are children.

Our motive is not to create sympathy or to offer poor children money as a donation but it’s all about accumulation of hope !
Children are the hope of the next future generation and are known to be as the messengers, helpers and avatars of God.
Unfortunately, a significant percentage of today’s youth population is immensely struggling for their right and freedom.

Today, child poverty is the condition of children from poor families or often orphans growing up with scarce or non-existent resources.
They are variable factors for child poverty.
The two main causes are —

  1. Level of income which would be described as ‘poor’, depending on the economic development, GDP and average per-capita income of the respective country.
  2. Social factors such as gender, social class, occupation, marriage and school are factors which all work to define who is considered as a child within different societies.

Children who live in extreme poverty conditions are very often born to parents living in poverty, creating a life cycle.
There are multiple reasons why people have large families including their children. These include: lack of education about contraception, high child mortality rates, patriarchal / hereditary value systems, forced marriage, religious beliefs, and to support the wider family.

Hope is a very important part of life.
If there is no hope left within you, me and everyone, we can’t chase our dreams, our passion, our goal, our desired destination or even we are not capable of helping other people who are suffering and struggling due to their difficulties and problems.

Today’s youth is calling out for hope, for help and for mercy, so we have to be the ones who are their hope, their rays of sun from the huge shadow of darkness and their messiah.

Some ways to protect child poverty are as follows —

  1. Monitoring child poverty : We have to support national efforts, to monitor child monitor, making it possible to track progress across the region and develop effective policies or even programmes based on hard evidences. This also involves the evaluation of the impact of enhanced social protection on children’s lives.
  2. Social awareness : Today it’s the world of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. from which people start getting to know different people as well as issues going on the world. We can post about child poverty in these social media sites which can help us to get further attention to help poor children.

If we all unite together today without any racial or sexual discrimination, we can make this world a better place and we won’t regret it tomorrow.

Last but not the least…
A child may be born in poverty, but poverty is never born into a child’
~ Dr. Wess Stafford

Artist: Ira Kabade

Age: 13

School: Podar International School, Sangli, Maharashtra

Country: India

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