Mrunmai Pawar

“Where do you find HOPE?“

­Once there lived a boy alone with his mother. His father passed away when he was just 3 years old. He and his mother lived in a very small house. The boy had many relatives in the surrounding villages. Days past and unfortunately one day when his mother was traveling in a bullock cart, an accident took place and the boy’s mother was no more. The boy who was 10 years old didn’t understand what to do. He thought of going to the relatives. He wanted to live with any of his relatives as he thought that he was left alone now. He went to many relatives but they all give him some other reasons and neglected to help. Then one day, the boy I was sitting on the bank of a river. He looked in the water and saw his own reflection. Thought about himself and then jumped up the great hope. He thought that why was he relying on other people. He realised that he had forgot about the hope which he would find in himself as he was travelling through a bad situation. He didn’t even think that he could do something all by himself and only thought that he was alone in his house. Then finding a hope in himself, he started working at a rich man’s house in the morning hours and did the household work in the evening. He started earning money needed for him to live a good life.

Moral :- Always find a hope in yourself.


Even in this situation make your body healthy one and trust it.

And yes find hope in yourself and live happily.

Stay hopefully 👍👍

Artist: Mrunmai Pawar

Age: 12

School: Podar International School

Country: India

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