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A Children’s Call for Hope

“Where do you find HOPE?"

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Children Spreading Hope

The Children’s Call for Hope campaign invited children from early childhood years through middle school to respond to the question: “Where do you find HOPE?”

We created the Children’s Call for Hope campaign to give all children a voice to express hope in these troubled times, and then inspire the world with how children’s hopes transcend borders, perspectives, conflicts, and differences. We hoped to build a global visual ‘chorus’ of children’s voices, all focused on building hope for their future, recognizing their common dreams, and inspiring change for the good of all children.

Specifically, we asked children (with the permission of their teachers and adult leaders) to answer the question “Where do you find hope” as expressed through art: drawing, painting, poetry, song, video, etc. We display the artwork through our filterable galleries.

The campaign has concluded for now

The Children’s Call for Hope campaign has concluded for the time being. To view the Children’s Call for Hope campaign and submissions guide sent to participants, download the following:


Please email us with any questions about participating at

Submissions period

The campaign concluded on June 15, 2021. We are working on plans to run a new campaign in 2022. Stay tuned!


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The idea for the Children’s Call for Hope campaign came from our team members who work with children. They tell the story using the poster image for our effort — the child with the balloon:

Once upon a time, a new virus spread around the Earth. Suddenly, people all over the world were forced to stay at home, minimize social contacts, wear masks in public, and keep social distancing. Schools, shops, and restaurants were closed. Everyone was talking about the restrictions and the ‘new normal’ — except for children, who did not have a voice in these discussions, yet could feel the hopelessness, confusion, and anxiety in the adults around them.

The children we work with asked, ‘Where do other kids find hope?’ and ‘What does it take to keep hope alive?’ To answer these questions, our children decided to take a ‘journey’ around the globe to ask kids where they find hope. They started on November 20, 2020, World Children’s Day. Our children caught their travel balloon and made their way up to Namibia, the first destination of a Children’s Call for Hope. Let’s see what is waiting there…

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